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3 Ways Sales Configuration Solutions Makes Quotes More Accurate

There can be quite a few problems caused because of inaccurate quoting. For one, it is just plain embarrassing and gives off an unprofessional impression to your customer. And if you decide to work though the inaccurately quoted order, you are also likely to face financial losses and that isn’t a position you want your business to be in.

This is why you need to invest in Sales Configuration solutions and in this post; we will give you three good reasons to do so.

Set correct prices

When setting the price of highly manufactured goods, it is necessary that you get all the details in order before deciding on a range, and the selling price of your products. With sales configuration solution, you will be able to set your prices based on the market, currency conversions, and the number of orders.
In addition, you will also be able to handle complex multi tier pricing procedures and support several geographies, channels and currencies.

Make accurate predictions of future quotes

One of the most time taking tasks of the sales department is keeping records of the sales forecast and having them regularly updated. With the sales administration solution taking care of your administration process, you will be able to look into the quotes that are being generated by the system and make sure the data used to create your quotes. Once you have your CPQ updated with your CRM, you will be able to get predictions of future quotes based on the current quotes of your clients.

Handling extensive data

With a sales configuration solution, you will be able to work with customer information, images, charts, sheets, case studies, product data, pricing and other content to create your quote documents with only a click of a button. If the quotes were to be created manually, it would have taken a longer time with increased chances of errors.

If you are looking for reliable sales configuration solutions, then you need to check out the one offered by CallidusCloud because since it is ideal for both B2B and B2C businesses and are suitable for companies of all sizes, from all industries. With a CPQ solution that has advanced features like data and analytics, multiple channel functionality and administration, sales users, and rules and approval workflow, you will always be able to send your clients accurate quotes, and compelling proposals. With increased accuracy and improved customer satisfaction, you will see that the configuration price solutions you invest in will eventually pay for itself over the years and help your business expand.

With a sales configuration tool available in the market, nothing should stop you from making accurate price quotes. Try CallidusCloud’s CPQ solution free.


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Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Basics

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Configure Price Quote Basics - CPQ Benefits, Costs and Important Features

Configure Price Quote Basics - CPQ Benefits, Costs and Important Features

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