Historically, sales has long been considered more of an “art” than a “science”. But new technologies are making it much easier for sales operations to break free of that mindset and become more efficient, analytical and data-driven. As the Editor in Chief of the SellingBrew Playbook, Rafe VanDenBerg has unique insight into what leading sales operations are doing differently to drive more profitable growth. In this informative webinar hosted by CallidusCloud, Rafe will share his team's latest research and perspectives on how the combination of data-science and technology are transforming the "art" of sales. In this session, you'll learn about:

  • Overcoming the unfounded fears and common misunderstandings that keep far too many sales teams mired in the status quo.
  • How leading teams are using data and technology to reduce new-rep onboarding times and improve quota attainment rates.
  • Three dynamics in the software/technology space that have made "smart systems" accessible to even the smallest companies.
  • Opening the "black box" to understand how algorithms work to identify whitespace opportunities and retention risks.

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