There’s no recovery from a bad first impression both in dating and sales. Your sales reps need to sell better and smarter from the onset to ensure a good customer experience. Over the last few years, quota attainment has been declining, even as sales quotas have shrunk.

Ask yourself, have you become comfortably numb to bad selling? Are you equipping your sales people to bring value to every engagement, or are you still doing things the way you did 10 years ago?

Watch this webinar to change your perspective on the selling experience and how you can improve:

  • Manual sales processes - like entering activity into the CRM.
  • Pipeline and forecast management to remove the manager to rep interrogation.
  • Broken quote and proposal processes so sales reps can sell more.
  • The time to on-board sales reps so they are selling faster.
  • Sales incentives to motivate, not de-motivate, sales reps.

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