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time consuming and
costly manual processes


full transparency for all
commissions payouts

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administration headcount
from three to one


With the implementation of CallidusCloud Commissions, ACTIVE Network was able to eliminate manual processes, increase commission accuracy, and provide visibility to the sales organization that they didn’t have before.

– Yoric De Deken, Director of Sales Operations

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The Challenge

Lack of visibility for commissions payouts caused discontent and negatively impacted employee morale at ACTIVE Network. The commissions process, from data readiness, to calculations and commissions statements were extremely time consuming and manual. Extra work was required from Sales Operations to complete ad hoc analysis, reporting and issue resolution.

The Solution

With CallidusCloud Commissions, time consuming processes including the distribution of commissions and the collection of sales plans were automated and made incredibly streamlined, scalable, and transparent. Sales teams benefited from sufficient reporting and accurate commissions statements. They knew what they were paid, when, and why.


Reduced process time from one week to 10 minutes

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