Allstate Migrates To The Cloud, Increases Performance By 3X, Cuts Costs And Improves User Experience

Industry – Insurance

IT infrastructure for
incentive compensation

operational overhead,
saving time and money

user adoption with improved GUI and 3x faster performance


The Challenge

With five pay processing units and 24 incentive plans based on 140 different rules, utilizing 380 look-up tables and 1,000+ formulas, complexity is inherent in Allstate’s pay programs. For seven years, the company has used the on-premise version of CallidusCloud Sales Commissions Software to pay its 11,000+ agencies with 100% accuracy and SOX compliance. However, the time had come to consider a cloud-based solution. Such a solution had to be implemented within a short timeframe, manage all the same plans and calculations and pay program complexity, automate processes, and be easy for users to adopt.

The Solution

Allstate partnered with Accenture to implement in phases the CallidusCloud SaaS solution for Insurance Incentive Compensation. After a successful first implementation, it laid the groundwork to go live at all 11,000+ agencies. The solution is already reducing the on-premise IT footprint and software licensing costs as well as eliminating many man-hours previously dedicated to monitoring, upgrading, and other maintenance activities.

The Value

Cloud-based incentive compensation system that reduces IT involvement and infrastructure management.

“Developing a holistic strategy for the cloud was a high priority for us as well as data center optimization. The CallidusCloud SaaS solution aligns with our strategy and positions us well for the future, allowing us to continually improve our agent pay ecosystem.”

Kari_Fair – Kari Fair, Manager, Agency Pay Team, Allstate Insurance


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But why settle? The case for cloud migration.

Allstate has used the on-premise version of CallidusCloud Commissions, TrueComp, to pay its 11,000 agencies with 100% accuracy and SOX compliance for the past seven years. That said, the question was not if they would move to the cloud, but instead, what were critical areas to consider when making the move? Come learn why this second-largest personal lines insurer is migrating its compensation to the cloud—while continuing to process $250 million in commissions each month with speed, flexibility, and scalability—so it can reduce IT involvement and infrastructure management.

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