Atlas Copco Supplies Quotes For Thousands Of Very Complex, Highly Configurable Products And Services In Less Than Four Minutes

Industry – Manufacturing

administrative roles
from 70 to 5

quotes across
72 countries

strategic data


The Challenge

Atlas Copco sells highly configurable products—e.g., 23,000 unique compressor models—and for each product, there are 10 distinct types of service plans, which are also highly configurable and often maintainable for 25 years. Add to the 52 billion possible unique combinations, numerous brands, customers from multiple industries, different languages and currencies, and you have complexity on steroids. No matter how elaborate or massive, spreadsheets could no longer handle the job as the company grew. Administrative staff spent all day, and sometimes multiple days, creating price quotes. In all, it took more than 75 people to price quotes and maintain and input data – and never in real time.

The Solution

To replace spreadsheets, the company implemented Configure Price Quote. Today the system supports 26 brands (two tenants), 53 currencies (310 price books), 20 languages, 8 integrations (3 ERP, 3 CRM, PLM, and business intelligence), and provides 30,000+ configurations and service quotes quickly and easily to 6,000 users in 72 countries. Benefits have been enormous and widespread for users, administration, and the company’s bottom line. For instance, the administrative staff needed to support pricing shrank from 70 to 100 people to five. And centralization of master data now allows benchmarking and comparisons across regions as well application of business intelligence for strategic purposes.

The Value

Simplified and improved accuracy of complex price quotes to 6,000 users in 72 countries in real time.

“CallidusCloud CPQ will tell you about the benefits of increased efficiency, margins, deal size, order accuracy, and profit, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve experienced numerous benefits, starting with the ability to sell extremely complex products across the globe.”

Louis de Jaegher – Louis De Jaegher, Senior Business Process Manager, Atlas Copco


CPQ at Atlas Copco: Sharing 10 years of experience

Atlas Copco moved to CallidusCloud CPQ around 10 years ago. Starting with 100 users, they are now at over 10,000 and creating over 30,000 service quotes and machine configurations monthly. The Atlas Copco CallidusCloud CPQ solution runs in a very complex enterprise-IT landscape, integrated with 3 CRM systems, 3 ERP systems, and 1 PLM and globally deployed in 72 countries. Come hear how Atlas Copco has reached faster quote speed, higher order accuracy, increased go-to-market speed for very complex products, increased grossed profit, and quote-to-order automation.

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