Barracuda Accelerates Sales Cycle With Quick, Easy Access To The Right Content To Be More Efficient.

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fast, easy timely access to
the right content

and eased sales process

silos of content and need for
individuals to store on hard drives

The Challenge

Barracuda’s marketing team regularly pushed out great content for sales to use, but, with content scattered across seven different systems and personal hard drives, finding the right content when it was needed could be extremely difficult. Barracuda tried solving the problem by implementing an open-source content management system. However, it had limited search functionality and required access via VPN, which frustrated salespeople. Sharing documents with customers was also cumbersome.

The Solution

In one month, from inception to go-live, the company implemented CallidusCloud Sales Enablement out of the box for its 350 salespeople. Developing the schema took the bulk of that time. Suddenly the salesforce could instantly search at a highly granular level to find exactly the content needed. No more storing data on hard drives. No more VPN access. Dynamic links to share information directly with prospective customers. In the future, Barracuda plans to create product and partner portals and integrate with SFDC.

The Value

Accelerating sales cycles by providing salespeople with fast, easy access to the content they need when and where they need it.

“Immediately after implementing CallidusCloud Sales Enablement our entire salesforce began using it and talking about it. Everyone loved it. They kept saying, ‘This is so much easier.’ They could find what they needed and share it with their customer. It is a great tool to speed up the sales process.”

Brianna – Brianna Fischer, Product Marketing Operations Manager, Barracuda

Turn data into dollars with faster sales enablement

Today’s technologies support immediate communication, shortening sales cycles from days to hours. How can you ensure your sales reps have the right data in the right place at a moment’s notice? Join Barracuda Networks as they share how replacing seven file systems with CallidusCloud Sales Enablement allows them to effectively communicate with sales reps who need information in different languages, all over the world.

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