Lenovo Utilizes the Lead to Money Platform and Gains Better Service Delivery to its Customers.

The lead to money process touches all aspects of the sales cycle, from generating leads to closing the sale. No one understands this better than Lenovo. As a leading global technology company, Lenovo was challenged to find a consistent and common platform for managing sales plans, attainment, and payments across all geographies.

Learn how organizations like Lenovo uses CallidusCloud Lead to Money for:

Lead Management – to generate more high quality leads

Territory Planning – to properly value territories and align quotes

Sales Enablement – to give sales the resources they need at each stage of the buying cycle

Quotas & Proposals – to ensure no money is left on the table while protecting margins

Commissions & Incentives – to align company objectives with proper selling behaviors

With rapid changes in buying behavior, it’s important for sales, sales operations, marketing, and finance to come together. Lead to Money helps all your teams to close the deal, for more money, and in record time.

Scott Ottman of Lenovo


CallidusCloud gives us a much more robust solution and helps our business run faster and better.

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