ChannelAdvisor Drastically Reduces Month-End Reporting With Connect Enterprise

Industry – High Tech, Retail (E-commerce)

to meet business requirements

need for IT intervention

report time from an hour to 3 mins

The Challenge

ChannelAdvisor’s CallidusCloud Commissions system integrated with a third party CRM, but the integration was not as dynamic as desired. For one, it was not bidirectional; data in Commissions could not automatically be fed into the CRM and also had to wait until month- end to run up-to-date status reports, which took an hour just to run. In addition, each time changes to reports were needed, they had to submit a request to IT. The company desired an easier, self- service way to manage integrations, both for the CRM integration and for future integrations with other systems.

The Solution

ChannelAdvisor replaced its integration tool with CallidusCloud Connect Enterprise. Within a few weeks, the company had ported all the rules from the previous integration tool to Connect Enterprise. Since then, the administrative team has been able to make its own integration- related changes via a web-based, user-friendly UI—pointing and clicking, dragging and dropping, no backend tinkering or scripting—without IT intervention. It also set up automatic and more frequent reporting. The month-end report can now run anytime and takes less than three minutes. Visibility and monitoring is now real- time. Best of all, administration can now respond quickly to meet future business requirements, with CRM or other integrated systems.

The Value

Ability to quickly and easily modify and customize existing integrations to commissions system or add new integrations as needed.

“From an administrative perspective, it’s extremely important to have the ability to handle managements’ requests… With CallidusCloud integrations tool, we can make the changes we need quickly…”

Adam Martin – Adam Martin, Business Systems Analyst, Business

Connect the Dots: The Next Generation Of Enterprise Integration.

How can you ensure your cloud applications are integrated in a short implementation lifecycle, with reliable, easy-to-use, highly maintainable, and transparent solutions?  How can you ensure your sales reps have accurate data in the right place at the right time?  ChannelAdvisor shares how they are addressing these questions with the next-generation data integration platform so you can turn your data into dollars.

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