Citrix Achieves 99.5% On-time And Accurate Payments

Industry – High Tech

productivity for both sales and support

strategic focus

turnaround time for all queries

The Challenge

Because Citrix’s incumbent ICM could not provide timely or accurate payments or answers to inquiries and comp rules lacked consistency, the company’s 1,500 payees were extremely dissatisfied and lacked trust in sales operations. They lost hours of productivity creating their own shadow accounting rather than focusing on sales. On the administrative side, supporting the system required far too many resources and “sheer brute force” to administer payroll. Admins weren’t allowed to take time off first or last week of the month. To satisfy sales, enable smart business decisions, and reduce operational overhead, Citrix desperately needed an accurate, more efficient system.

The Solution

To untangle our mess, Citrix hired Accenture. Acting as a managed service provider but with a joint governance model, Accenture helped address the shortcomings of the current situation, with implementing CallidusCloud Commissions as a foundational component of the transformation. With the new system, the company’s now 2,300 payees in 73 sales roles worldwide have a vastly improved experience through predictable service, on- time and accurate payments and responses to queries and disputes. Sales operations, on the other hand, is much more productive, with countless man-hours freed up, and has switched its focus from transactional processes to strategy.

The Value

99.5% on-time and accurate payment

“Our comp system was a tangled mess before Accenture and CallidusCloud entered the picture.  The transformation we experienced is beyond night and day.”

Jim Jacobson – Jim Jacobson Manager, Worldwide Sales Compensation

Turbocharge Your Incentive Compensation Management

Are you getting everything you can from your incentive compensation? Do you have problems with payroll? Issue resolution? Reporting? Managed services create reliable and repeatable outcomes. Learn from Citrix and how Accenture and CallidusCloud can help you succeed.

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