Docker, Inc. Increased Accuracy of Payment Compensation Plans By 95%, Nearly Eliminating Disputes

Industry - High Tech

accuracy of payment
compensation plans by 95%

sales performance by improving
payments and eliminating
monthly disputes

manual process allowing for
flexibility and scalability

The Challenge

Docker, Inc.’s challenge was to accurately compensate 130 payees in a timely manner, using 15 to 20 complex payment plans, all functioning on multiple payment cycles. Delayed and inaccurate payments disrupted sales performance and impacted the environment of the entire organization. Sales became impatient with the lack of timely monthly payment statements, shifting the focus away from selling. Docker tried several approaches in the past for sales compensation, including manual tracking with spreadsheets, a backend system that integrated with the current CRM, and back to manual processes after realizing the integration did not meet Docker’s needs. The business, as a whole, lost patience with the ever-changing solutions, inhibiting potential growth.

The Solution

Identifying the need to implement better business solutions and to fulfill the organization’s needs, Docker chose the [SAP] Commissions platform. The integration was extremely streamlined, came with little disruption to the organization and allowed Docker to be involved with each step of the integration process. Payment accuracy came with a 95% improvement that then drastically decrease monthly disputes to almost zero. The error rate in booking credits went from 50% down to 1%, continuing to build confidence within the entire organization. A shift in the sales team’s performance was almost immediate and quickly recognized by the company’s leaders. Docker had the ability to better track forecasting payment trends much quicker than anticipated or expected.

The Value

An intuitive and easy to use system with immediate improvement and a direct impact on growth.

“The visualization, utilization, and ease of the [SAP] Commissions tool convinced us this was the platform needed to solve the existing incentive payment challenges.”

Sean Veroni – Sean Veroni, Global Compensation Manager, Docker, Inc.

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