Lenovo Dramatically Improves Quota-Setting Time From 1 Month To 1 Week

Industry – High Tech

3 weeks on quota delivery

flexibility with data all in one place

the process for identifying territories

The Challenge

Lenovo’s first challenge was not being able to audit the quota-setting process and verifying accurate data. Tracking data was an extremely manual process with no software in place to help track the work. This was a high ballooning and all-encompassing challenge due to the large number of people interacting with quotas on spreadsheets, increasing the potential for errors. This lead to the next significant challenge, which was too many steps in the process, in addition to the many hands involved in each step. Quotas went from the executives to the sales operation team, to managers for approval, and then back to sales. With this process, spreadsheets offered very little detail, providing only the sales rep’s name and quota.

The Solution

T&Q has improved the decision-making process by consolidating the number of data points and allowing sales operations to make sound quota-setting decisions. Managing and tracking territories is much more accurate. All of the data points and information needed are now in one place, and managers have the ability to set achievable quotas based on historical data stored. The approval process became very streamlined, along with the quota-setting process, reducing the multilayer review and approval steps. With T&Q Lenovo is now making sound and informed business decisions and moving to full implementation of T&Q throughout America—going form 150 end users to approximately 1,000.

The Value

Substantially increased the data conversion process, allowing for more timely and accurate quotas

“By using CallidusCloud Territory and Quota (T&Q), the sales operations team can shift their priorities by focusing on senior leadership requests. The flexibility of T&Q puts all the necessary data into the managers’ hands, enabling them to make more strategic and sound decisions.”

Josh Stamer– Josh Stamer, Sales Initiative and Commission Program Manager, Lenovo

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