Rackspace Replaces Competitive Commissions System For More Adaptable and Transparent CallidusCloud System

Industry – High Tech

agent satisfaction—
complaints down 40 to 3 monthly

mindset from operations focus to strategic

administration headcount from three to one

The Challenge

Rackspace had a digital-based commissions system, but it was not robust enough or flexible enough to support a growing company. Lack of transparency caused the 800 direct agents who received monthly payments from the system to complain often. They could not understand why they received the compensation amount they did or argued that they weren’t receiving the right amount. Administration did not have the data visibility it desired.

The Solution

The company decided to switch to CallidusCloud Commissions and, in the process, set out to document and simplify processes and rethink the entire commissions infrastructure. Turning to CallidusCloud professional services for help accelerated the implementation and transition process. Rackspace continued to tweak and integrate after going live. In addition, it already achieved a much more transparent system that has reduced monthly complaints from 40 to three; simpler compensation plans; a reorganized, more efficient compensation team without added cost; and greater global alignment and strategic thinking

The Value

More robust, adaptable platform for managing incentive compensation and happier salespeople

“You set out thinking going from point A to point B will be a straight line, but it never is. Engaging CallidusCloud to help with the transition marked a turning point that helped straighten a very crooked line.”

Juan Fernandez – Juan Fernandez, Director of Sales Operations

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