Telstra Dramatically Simplified Its Commission Systems Around The World

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complexity with single,
collaborative system

security posture by
reducing risk of data loss

incentive plan governance (and increased payment accuracy)


With CallidusCloud Commissions, we have a single toolset to manage incentives for all our sales and service staff—B2B, retail, contact centre, tech field staff, and so on. It enables us to standardize, rationalize, and simplify incentive plans—all while minimizing corporate risk and strengthening governance.


– Andrew White, Head of Sales and Service Incentives, Telstra

The Challenge

With seven siloed business groups, 22 legacy systems, and 120 discrete incentive plans for its 10,000 sales and service employees, Telstra’s commission incentive infrastructure was incredibly complex. The company knew it needed to simplify this environment to increase efficiency across the board, minimize risk of data loss, provide enterprise-wide visibility into cost and effectiveness, and improve governance. It also required a solution that allowed for continuous improvement.

The Solution

Telstra standardized on CallidusCloud Commissions as the foundation of a centralized commission incentive infrastructure covering its seven sales and service groups in 20 countries. With CallidusCloud Commissions, incentive compensation creating and management is now much more rational and efficient, with greater payment accuracy and safer data. Furthermore, HR and sales can now collaborate more easily to establish and oversee incentive plans.

The Value

Single, cloud-based system that manages commission incentives across disparate sales, service groups and countries.

Incent the world one business unit at a time

If anyone can speak to the complexities of incentivizing people all over the world, it’s Telstra. With seven different business units, 16 countries, and 9,000 payees, Telstra used CallidusCloud Commissions to drive behaviors around the world and among all roles, from technicians to call center sales reps. Attend this session to overcome your incentive complexities.

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