TransUnion Transformed Sales Development Through More Effective Coaching

Industry – Financial Services

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The Challenge

TransUnion has large global accounts with two-year sales cycles as well as high-frequency, short cycle call center sales, and everything in between. The company wanted to help all its salespeople become more effective by providing better coaching. Even though it has so many diverse types of sales, TransUnion also hoped to standardize coaching as much as possible, to be able to share effective methods across sales channels.

The Solution

The company implemented CallidusCloud Sales Performance Manager, focusing first on inside sales because it is already measured across many dimensions and its fast sales cycle allows seeing the tool’s impact more quickly. SPM was easy to use, easy to deploy, easy to modify, and easy to integrate with CRM and other systems. SPM’s aggregation and visualization of data and ability to provide specific and timely coaching feedback is huge, making a difference. Salespeople appreciate the dashboard with leading and lagging performance indicators and pipeline risk metrics. Management highly values the performance and trend reports and ability to easily tweak the system as new correlations are discovered.

The Value

An easy-to-use, iterative tool that makes sales performance coaching easier, faster, and more effective

“Coaching is the #1 driver of sales productivity. Our desire to make coaching easier, faster, and better ultimately led us to CallidusCloud.”

David Egloff – David Egloff, Senior Director of Sales Performance, TransUnion

Hello From the Other Side: Transforming Call Center Coaching

Hurry! Start blasting Adele—you’ll need some musical and emotional support if you’re developing your call center. Not an Adele fan? Fine, let’s talk about the importance of coaching instead. Get your headsets and your call scripts and take down some lessons from TransUnion. They’re excited to share how CallidusCloud Sales Performance Manager is helping their call center pinpoint the areas where coaching is needed the most.

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