Verizon Connect Increased Quote Output by 300%

Industry - High Tech

Increased the accuracy and consistency of quotes by 100%

Improved quote process by reducing review time from weeks to hours

Automated various selling methods from three product offerings to one selling process

"With CPQ, our salespeople can provide a consistent, optimized quote every single time. Sales improved immediately and we can continue to grow our business thanks to the solution’s nimbleness and flexibility."

– Eric Simon, Associate Director, Enterprise IT, Verizon Connect


The Challenge

With Verizon Connect’s homegrown pricing and quoting system, a majority of the quotes made by its 1,500 salespeople were inaccurate. Support staff had to review and validate every quote. In addition, the system could not handle dynamic change or scale to support the addition of new products and pricing from ongoing acquisitions and growth. Every product or pricing change required days or weeks for IT to implement. Verizon Connect needed to massively scale and automate pricing and quoting processes.

The Solution

After evaluating seven solutions, the company chose SAP CPQ. Salespeople like CPQ for the ability to provide accurate, consistent, optimized quotes in less time and no manual processing. With the automated, easy-to-use system, all of sales – from enterprise and field reps to tele-sales – could sell faster. The system also reduced administrative man-hours tremendously and lifted a huge burden from IT.

The Value

Improved consistency, efficiency, profitability, and a streamlined customer experience.

The C in CPQ actually stands for connection

Connectivity—it’s what Verizon Connect solutions are all about. But what about its sales force? On its home-grown pricing and quoting system, not so much. It couldn’t handle dynamic changes and therefore wasn’t scalable. Sales reps were making too many mistakes. But now, they’re on the other side—more connected, you might say. Come hear why CallidusCloud has the CPQ solution for Verizon Connect—with its ease of use, low maintenance, flexibility, and integration into other systems.



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