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Sales Forecasting

How to Improve Your Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting can be a challenging task. People performing this task need to see into the future, predict the probable behavior of sales reps and thousands of customers, and then provide the management with ‘a number’ to commit to.

The problem for these people is further aggravated by the fact that the sales and marketing world is often muddled with uncertainty.

However, accurate sales predictions are critical to reduce costs as varying uncontrollable economic factors affect consumer behavior and sales patterns. It is often seen that organizations that perform accurate sales forecasting are the organizations that are driven by data and that understand the importance of making decisions based on analytics.

Ensuring More Accurate Sales Forecasts

Sales forecasts are important for every business, regardless of type and size. As part of their critical management strategy, all good businesses will have some system to perform these forecasts.

While established businesses generally don’t have a problem performing sales forecast, small or mid-sized businesses have problems coming up with accurate predictions of their sales numbers. However, ensuring accurate sales forecasts is as important for small or mid-sized businesses as it is for the established businesses.

Using the forecasts, businesses can streamline processes and adapt to unforeseen business scenarios. The better the forecasts, the easier it will be for the management to make strategic decisions. There are many things businesses can do to ensure more accurate sales forecast including using an analytics software that is integrated with core business software applications. The following points are some of the things businesses can do to improve their sales forecasts.

Generate Sales Reports Regularly

Want to get more accurate sales forecasts? Then start generating sales reports more often. Ideally, you should generate reports on a monthly basis. Spans longer or shorter than this may result in inaccurate or unrealistic forecasts. You will improve the reliability of your sales reports by generating them on a monthly basis, which in turn will help improve sales forecasting.

Ensure Consistency

Ensuring consistency in their use is one of the keys to improving sales forecasts. You won’t get the desired outcomes if you generate reports once in a while and not consistently. Being consistent with the forecasting you are performing is crucial to get the best or desired results.

Ensure Collaboration Within the Organization

Ensuring collaboration between the departments or teams within an organization is a great way for companies to improve their sales forecasts. This will allow sales managers to know about production numbers and the amount of leads generated by marketing, among other important information. By ensuring collaboration, you will get everyone on the same page from the beginning, which will help paint a more accurate sales forecast picture.

In addition to the above, another effective way to improve sales forecasting is using a collaborative forecasting and pipeline management solution.  This software allows you to discover insights faster, which in turn helps to improve your sales forecasts.

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Sales Forecasting Acceleration eBook

Sales Forecasting Acceleration eBook

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