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Diana Weigand

Sales Consultant

Miller Heiman

Making sales performance strategies stick: Putting more science into deal pursuit

Selling organizations are continuously challenged with winning more faster. But where do you begin? In this session you will take away practices and insights to apply when implementing sales performance strategies to improve opportunity pursuit. Topics will include areas such as: reduce being single-threaded during the sales process, early stage coaching to improve win rate, the importance of a leadership cadence, leveraging CRM and data to win fast-lose fast.


Eric Simon

Associate Director, Enterprise IT

Verizon Telematics

The C in CPQ actually stands for connection

Connectivity—it’s what Verizon Telematics solutions are all about. But what about its sales force? On its home-grown pricing and quoting system, not so much. It couldn’t handle dynamic changes and therefore wasn’t scalable. Sales reps were making too many mistakes. But now, they’re on the other side—more connected, you might say. Come hear why CallidusCloud has the CPQ solution for Verizon Telematics—with its ease of use, low maintenance, flexibility, and integration into other systems.


Andrew White

Head of Sales and Service Incentives


Incent the world one business unit at a time

If anyone can speak to the complexities of incentivizing people all over the world, it’s Telstra. With seven different business units, 16 countries, and 9,000 payees, Telstra used CallidusCloud Commissions to drive behaviors around the world and among all roles, from technicians to call center sales reps. Attend this session to overcome your incentive complexities.


John Bruno


Forrester Research, Inc.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… CPQ!

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) tools have been around for decades, yet many still struggle to understand the value. Is it merely a product configurator? Can CPQ help me even if my company doesn’t sell complex products? What is the future for CPQ? How does CPQ fit into my overall sales and technology strategies? In this session, we’ll answer these questions, break down the misconceptions around CPQ, and highlight how even a technology that grew up in the back office has transformed businesses in customer-centric industries.


Juli Spagnuolo

Senior Manager of Sales Compensation


When 1 is greater than 5: How Pivotal consolidated 5 systems into 1 compensation platform

What’s life like after go-live for Pivotal, a technology company that partners with other companies to build better software? Stable—with 72% less compensation errors. Attend this session to learn why Pivotal needed a commissions tool and why it chose CallidusCloud. Hear from sales ops and finance experts as they share lessons learned, recommendations, and their roadmap for the future—including a Workday integration.


Marjorie Morrison

CEO & Founder


Changing the world with Learning

Attend this session to hear from a panel of innovative pros who are changing the world, one learner at a time. Moderated by PsychArmor CEO, Marjorie Morrison, we’ll get expert insights on the critical importance of learning at Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids and Guide Dogs for the Blind. They’ll discuss the unique challenges for companies seeking to make the world a better place and using their training program to build awareness of their mission and goals.


Kevin Markl

Product Marketing Manager


Data science without the PhD

Analytics are no longer reserved for those who can code. Empowering your entire organization and turning data into dollars is easy with the Thunderbridge Analytics business intelligence platform. See how you can explore your sales performance data with a simple drag-and-drop interface that almost anyone can use. Learn how compensation admins can design impactful plans and how sales operations and sales leaders can optimize their strategies to beat the competition.


Ray Smith

Co-Founder & General Manager


The future of analytics and AI

Attend this session to learn how machine learning and AI is turning forecasting from an administrative nightmare into a strategic sales tool. Drive the right behaviors with what-if analysis, discover missed opportunities before they turn to closed-lost, and harness your data to predict the next best action to beat the competition and close bigger deals, faster.


John Major


Catalog Data Solutions

CPQ nuts and bolts: Augmented reality, 3D visualization, and technical drawings

Explore cutting-edge digital business tools which enhance sales, marketing, and customer service. Accelerate the configure-to-quote process for highly-configured industrial products via real-time 3D CAD, 3D visualization, technical drawings, and augmented reality.


Cheryl Lefeber

Marketing Project Manager

Mercury Marine

The power of feedback: Driving performance and retention with your sales and service teams

Learn the latest strategies and technologies to supercharge your service and sales teams. In this information-packed session, we’ll show you how integrating feedback and digital motivation into your Salesforce environment increases engagement and performance to drive customer and employee satisfaction and retention. Walk away with insights on how to integrate surveys and gamification into sales and service environments and real-world examples of companies like Sony and Mercury Marine who are leading the way.


Patty McCord


Patty McCord Consulting

Power Not Empowerment

Patty McCord is the woman who shook up Silicon Valley as former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix. She is quite possibly the best-known HR professional on the planet, recognized for revolutionizing the way people work. Now as an independent consultant, she brings to clients the Silicon Valley concepts of fresh ideas and innovation, and applies them to rethinking the way we work. She has been featured in interviews and articles from Harvard Business Review, NPR, Fast Company, TED and The Wall Street Journal.


Paul Greenberg


The 56 Group

Poetry and profit: Positioning sales and marketing as drivers of customer engagement

Today's buyers need to gain value from every interaction with your marketing and sales teams in order to remain engaged—and if you use the right tactics, engagement can become something buyers work to strengthen, too. Renowned analyst and author Paul Greenberg explains how critical engagements become, how lucrative it can be when companies succeed in fostering it, and how to help your marketing and sales efforts pivot toward an engagement-driven future.


Jordan Birnbaum

Chief Behavioral Economist

ADP Marketplace

Win the war on talent with premiere ADP Marketplace Apps

Are you finding and hiring the right talent to take your business to the next level? Are you maximizing the potential of your leaders? No? You’re not alone. Engaging potential and existing employees is the key to ensuring workplace happiness and ultimately retaining superior talent. During this session you’ll gain a foundational understanding of the behavioral economics and explore the cloud based app store, ADP Marketplace by ADP® offering 200+ premiere solutions such as Litmos, helping you solve critical business challenges, to ultimately help your organization win the war on talent!


Denise Smieja

Enterprise Initiatives Consultant


Going all in with compensation: Securian’s enterprise rollout drives exceptional experiences

Like many life insurance companies, Securian has many legacy compensation applications that have served them well, but are either reaching end of life or no longer provide the functionality needed to compete in the future. Come hear how Securian is partnering with CallidusCloud to consolidate and modernize 13 applications into one platform and provide an improved digital compensation experience for all distribution partners.


Seleste Lunsford

Senior Director, Business Unit Leader, CSO Insights

Miller Heiman Group

Research on world-class sales practices: Actionable insights for sales leaders

In this session, Seleste Lunsford shares data from the just-released 2017 World-Class Sales Practices Study. In its 20th year, CSO Insights’ study combines historical perspective with fresh, unique insights, while focusing on the most critical organizational practices that produce the greatest lift in results. The session offers actionable insights for senior sales leaders based on industry best practices of world-class sales organizations that consistently outperform their competition.


Brianna Fischer

Product Marketing Operations Manager

Barracuda Networks

Turn data into dollars with faster sales enablement

Today’s technologies support immediate communication, shortening sales cycles from days to hours. How can you ensure your sales reps have the right data in the right place at a moment’s notice? Join Barracuda Networks as they share how replacing seven file systems with CallidusCloud Sales Enablement allows them to effectively communicate with sales reps who need information in different languages, all over the world.


Kym Wood

Director, Global Field Enablement


What do squirrels have to do with content, metrics, and sales enablement?

Well, nothing really, other than they have short attention spans and are often seen scrambling around looking for things and the direction to take—much like salespeople. Splunk is trying to provide the right information, to the right people, at the right time, and with the right amount of impact to move the needle on sales performance. Correlating enablement statistics to sales performance is a huge challenge but the payoff equates to job security. Come hear how Splunk’s Field Enablement Team tackles this issue and lessons they have learned along the way.


David Egloff

Senior Director of Sales Performance Management, Sales Strategy and Operations


Hello from the other side: Transforming call center coaching

Hurry! Start blasting Adele—you’ll need some musical and emotional support if you’re developing your call center. Not an Adele fan? Fine, let’s talk about the importance of coaching instead. Get your headsets and your call scripts and take down some lessons from TransUnion. They’re excited to share how CallidusCloud Sales Performance Manager is helping their call center pinpoint the areas where coaching is needed the most.


Juan Fernandez

Director of Sales Operations


Change is inevitable; good compensation isn’t. Building better compensation through changing times

Imagine you have a new sales leader who just changed your company’s compensation plans and sales cycle. How do you manage those changes while continuing to incentivize your team for better market penetration? Stabilize and expand. In this session, Juan Fernandez, Director of Sales Operations at Rackspace, will talk about his plans to transform the commissions process globally and why he switched from a competitive compensation tool to CallidusCloud Commissions.


Jakki Geiger

Vice President of Global Enablement


Transforming sales enablement to drive Revenue: Informatica’s journey

Informatica needed to transform everything about how it enabled the field, including building a new onboarding program, creating new enablement content, and building a central place for the field to find what they need fast. During this session, Jakki Greiger will cover the transformation journey and explain how Informatica moved from using 5 systems to using just one: CallidusCloud Sales Enablement, which they call their Field Enablement Portal for onboarding and ongoing enablement. You will learn what rolled out in version 1.0, and Informatica's plans for future versions, some of the challenges they encountered, some lessons learned and their plans for an enterprise-wide roll out and extending access to partners.