Direct Selling Pro

Direct Selling Pro is an enterprise-grade cloud solution for managing real-time volumes, genealogy and awards.

Take out the burden of manual processes and legacy technology so you can focus on delivering value back to your organization.



Design and optimize your plans, titles and volumes with no coding to drive the right behaviors. Calculate real-time volumes and ensure direct sellers are paid accurately and on-time.

Field Support

Field Support

Grow revenue and increase direct seller performance by giving them visibility into their genealogy and coaching them to success.



Lower cost, reduce risk and democratize your data with a proven enterprise SaaS solution that integrates effortlessly with your CRM, ERP and eCommerce.

Run your business without running to IT

Run your business without running to IT

Compensation professionals are in charge from start to finish. With strong out-of-the-box capabilities, there is no coding required to design and manage unlimited markets, plans, titles and volumes. You are set up for self-administration. You can:

  • Design new incentives and promotions easily.

  • Calculate global real-time volumes.

  • Pay your direct sellers monthly, weekly, or even daily.

  • Generate rich reporting, dashboards and analytics.

  • Model incentives and understand their impact.

Increase trust and transparency with robust reporting, analytics and modeling

Bring visibility into your genealogy, commissions spend and sales performance with real-time reporting, robust modeling, and detailed forecasting. You can:

  • Explore up, down and across your global genealogy.

  • Access a library of pre-built reports or create your own.

  • Track amortization, accruals, total spend, and more.

  • Model and compare compensation plans before you make them live.

  • Have a firm hand on your expenses.

Increase trust and transparency with robust reporting, analytics and modeling
Reduce organizational risk

Reduce organizational risk

Your genealogy and incentives are mission critical. Partner with a vendor that was named as a market leader in Sales Performance Management and is trusted by Fortune 500 companies worldwide. You’ll get:

  • Next generation graph database, grid computing and augmented intelligence technology.

  • A proven, unified approach to data integration.

  • Defense in depth data security—from the physical to the application layer.

  • The scalability to grow with your business as it expands.

Keep costs in check with a self-service cloud application

Keep costs down with a low maintenance solution you administer yourself, rather than depending on legacy on-premise solutions, IT or a vendor’s professional services team for midyear changes to markets, plans, title and volumes. A self-service application brings:

  • Speed to market and a competitive advantage.

  • Self-service with no need for any coding.

  • No need to spend unplanned amounts on consulting and services costs.

  • Support for your growing business with a scalable and extensible application.

Keep costs in check with a self-service cloud application

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