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Sales reps experience information overload on a daily basis and can’t respond to customers with valuable information in a timely manner. Add to that, time spent creating proposals, getting approvals on discounts and acting as a go-between with legal during contract negotiations, and it’s clear why sales execution bogs down. Bottom line, the customer experience is tied directly to sales execution.

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CPQ Buyers Guide

3 CPQ lessons from smart companies

5 ways CLM improves sales results

Featured toolkit articles:

  • [Article] Which two-thirds of your content are you wasting?
  • [Article] CLM: Safeguarding your customer relationships where the rubber meets the road

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  • How top performers use data and content to create “buyer journeys” rather than “sales cycles”
  • Which 2/3 of your content is wasted? 60–70 percent of all sales content goes unused
  • How 3 smart companies use CPQ to accelerate revenue, improve accuracy and protect margins
  • How automating contract management improves sales results and safeguards your customer relationships

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