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disputes by 50%

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The Challenge

Desiring to triple its customer base, Sorgenia made several acquisitions in mass market and small and medium business segments in the energy sector, thereby doubling its number of sales partners. With the new partners and products, the company needed to redefine sales channels and introduce new comp plans that accounted for a new mix of products—including plans tailored specifically for certain partners. Consequently, Sorgenia needed to replace its legacy comp system with something more flexible and time was of the essence.

The Solution

Sorgenia hired Accenture to find the systems that would meet 100% of its requirements. Then it conducted an extensive POC, after which it decisively chose CallidusCloud Commissions. Within a three-month timeframe, Sorgenia and Accenture implemented the new ICM system, and within one week, successfully deployed new comp plans to its first batch of new partners. In addition to a better experience for all, with much more transparency, the new system reduced administrative man-hours by 30%, eliminated the days of waiting after month close to begin calculations, cut disputes in half, reduced partner dispute emails by 90%, and more. It also enabled the company to ramp up sales performance analytics and gear up to introduce new products.

The Value

Fast time-to-market, top-quality incentive compensation system that also reduced administrative support FTE by 30%.

“We chose CallidusCloud Commissions because of its guided flexibility—you can customize and deliver a new comp plan without needing IT.”

Matteo Vigano – Matteo Viganò, Head of Sales Development, Sorgenia


New Commissioning Drives Profitable And Multichannel Growth

Learn how to introduce—in a short 3-month timeframe—a new incentive compensation system to sustain a significant increase of customer acquisitions in mass market and small medium business segments within the energy and gas market. Besides operational benefits, Sorgenia increased its ability to control and drive sales cost effectiveness while doubling sales force size and introducing multichannel interactions.

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