Splunk transforms ramp to productivity by overhauling sales enablement system

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Improved effectiveness of onboarding process

Minimización de la participación de TI

Enabled continuous improvement


El desafío

Because of the technical nature of Splunk’s offerings, ramp-up time for its 2,000 field employees (business development, inside sales, pre-sales, professional services, tech support) and thousands of partners (totaling 13,000 individuals) takes months. Improving sales engagement to reduce ramp up time is a key priority. On top of its LMS, which houses onboarding, certification, and learning plans, Splunk had built its own sales engagement tools and content. The interface of the hard-coded solution was very clunky, and users found it difficult to find the information they needed when they needed it. In addition, the system was difficult to maintain and required constant IT intervention to modify..

La solución

Splunk replaced its homegrown system with SAP Sales Enablement. Both internal customers and partners instantly loved the visually-based, intuitive interface, powerful searching, and roles-based access. They quickly learned to go to it first, since it also links to LMS content and is integrated with the CRM. Managers and administrators embraced it too because they can easily track leading and lagging indicators and other metrics. They can also make changes without having to submit IT help tickets. In addition, the new portal allowed Splunk to improve its ramp-up process—for instance, focusing boot camps on pipeline generation since product info can now be learned so easily via the portal.

El valor

Sales engagement influences behavior, creating salespeople who are more effective at generating revenue


“Ahora tenemos este bonito portal que los vendedores realmente quieren usar. La tecnología impulsa el comportamiento que buscamos, en lugar de que nosotros los forcemos a hacer algo. Además, hacer modificaciones no requiere horas de servicio de TI”.

Kym – Kym Wood, Directora de Engagement Global en Campo de Splunk

¿Qué tienen que ver las ardillas con el contenido, las métricas y sales enablement?

Well, nothing really, other than they have short attention spans and are often seen scrambling around looking for things and direction to take—much like salespeople. Splunk is trying to provide the right information, to the right people, at the right time, and with the right amount of impact to move the needle on sales performance. Hear how Splunk’s Field Enablement Team tackles this issue and lessons they have learned along the way.



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