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incentive compensation for producers

Incentive Compensation for Producers – A Necessary Element in the Insurance Industry

Insurance producers are independent agents that can solicit and sell different insurance policies. They usually work on the compensation model with multiple companies. It can be difficult to manage incentive compensation for producers, which is a necessary element in the insurance industry. Here, we discuss a few problems and then describe a solution for the ideal management of this important element.

1. Poor Communication

A serious problem with incentive compensation for producers is that it is poorly communicated to the agents. This occurs when the company does not communicate the problems directly and in turn, uses a fixed system to communicate its intentions. Without the use of a robust system in place, it is difficult for an insurance company to deliver the ideal message to its producers in time for meeting the designated periodic targets.

2. Non-Standardized Practices

Another problem with incentive compensation is the lack of well-defined practices. When the financial performance achieved through the performance of the producers cannot be determined with accuracy, it creates problems. The agents may be hard at work, but when they find it difficult to report commissions or face a lack of direction, they may look at other avenues to generate income in a convenient manner.

When insurance companies use a set of standardized practices, with the use of a policy document or an automation software tool, it puts itself in a great position to offer the best incentive compensation for producers. It improves the company performance while resolving other problems too.

3. Poor Commission Objectives

Many companies make the mistake of arbitrarily setting up commission targets. They fail to realize the importance of reading the requirements of each insurance producer and then setting up the designated targets. Setting poor objectives results in agents failing to achieve them. Sometimes, poor targets may also be the cause of fraudulent behavior, where some insincere producers may attempt to achieve them through bad practices.

4. Compilation Errors

Another problem with incentive compensation for producers is that several errors occur during the compilation of incentive objectives. This creates a situation where friction is the likely outcome. Removing the friction is not possible if the conditions that cause these errors remain prevalent. In fact, these errors can produce a lack of result between the insurance company and its independent producers.

The Solution

The solution to these problems is to present a system capable of removing errors through task automation and setting up objectives in a realistic and reliable manner. These problems can be removed when all stakeholders in the insurance industry come together and discuss important topics for setting up successful targets. There are a few available solutions for incentive compensation, but here we present our suggestion.

One of the available solutions in this regard, is to get a cloud-based insurance incentive compensation for producers. CallidusCloud ICM solution contains all the tools required to eliminate our highlighted mistakes and provides an ideal working environment for recording insurance objectives. It truly resolves the problems for both the producers and the insurers!

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