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Want to see how your marketing efforts compare to those of your peers?

Are there emerging tools and methods that you should leverage? As part of this research project, we partnered with CSO Insights to survey more than 300 companies worldwide to collect information on over 75 lead management and social engagement effectiveness metrics. The findings may reaffirm your direction or spur you to mix things up a bit.

Download this report to learn:

  • Marketing’s top three objectives for 2015 have remained the same since 2012. What are they?
  • Email marketing, live events/tradeshows, and social media consistently deliver the best quality and quantity of leads, but social media jumped from #8 to #3 this year.
  • Accuracy of customer and prospect data continues to be a challenge for many companies. Only 52.1% of the firms surveyed reported that the accuracy of their customer data was >75%.

See where your team stands – get the CSO Insights report today!

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