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Planning & Alignment Toolkit

2015 Acceleration Toolkit For Marketing Team Success

Increase demand, boost team efficiency, and drive more marketing generated opportunities with our free 2015 Acceleration Toolkit for Marketing Team Success.

At the end of the day, a marketing team’s ability to bring value and efficiency to the sales process is as important for revenue generation as increasing their ability to reliably deliver content into the hands of prospects and customers.

The toolkit includes:

  • Lead to Money Guide: A step-by-step guide that discusses the role that improving your lead gen and lead management plays in driving more marketing-generated deals, accelerating sales, and closing more deals, for more money, in record time.
  • Demand Generation Professional Handbook: A purpose-built reference guide to help you amplify the impact that lead generation will have on revenue growth in your organization.
  • B2B Marketers Refine Lead Scoring Models To Boost Sales Effectiveness: Learn how marketing organizations that employ lead scoring effectively pass fewer leads to sales, and why this is actually a good thing. (Special report from DemandGenReport, sponsored by CallidusCloud)
  • When Everyone Works Together (Infographic): From lead intelligence to lead management, and all the way down the funnel, get insights on how teams that work together streamline the sales cycle and generate more revenue.
  • A collection of articles on topics such as evolving your lead management approach; educating sales on your lead scoring process; and mistakes to avoid with your content marketing programs.

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