Channel Marketing

The only marketing solution to provide partner marketing automation

LeadRocket is the only system that supports your channel partners’ marketing efforts while maintaining your own brand equity and core product messaging. With the partner marketing automation functionality, you and your partners can coordinate multiple complementary marketing activities to build a pipeline, streamline lead management, and run customized co-branded campaigns and demand-generation activities.


The solution supports your channel partners’ ability to conduct personalized, one-to-one messaging with prospects and customers by using preapproved messaging and brand assets. This feature helps expand your reach to the market, through your partners, while preserving your brand identity and messaging.

The only marketing solution to provide partner marketing automation

By using the tools and processes in the solution, you can:

  • Deploy combined marketing campaigns with co-branded content
  • Enhance visibility across the channel and easily measure results
  • Pull partners’ personalized content (such as logos and text) into emails through content tags
  • Nurture leads by product and/or partner
  • Share content that can be mapped to specific partners
  • Run partner events and webinars

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