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B2B Marketing

3 Key Differentiators of B2B Marketing from B2C

Marketing is the art of bringing your brand closer to your customers, and the most important thing to remember here is that the focal point of all marketing campaigns should always be the customer. Therefore, both B2B and B2C marketing are almost the same, except for some key differences that distinguish one from the other.

If you want to sell your products or services, then you must know why your customers are going to make a purchase. Understanding the customer’s mindset allows you to decide whether you need to conduct B2B or B2C marketing. Here are the three key differences of B2C from B2B marketing.

The customers

Like we’ve mentioned before, the main difference between B2B and B2C online marketing campaigns is the target audience. It makes sense to think of it this way: You need to market your product or service depending on who your customer is.

For instance, business customers will make online purchases for completely different reasons. They are likely to buy services or products for logical reasons rather than emotional ones. The aspects that attract B2B customers include trust, reliability and the value for money. The only emotion these buyers are susceptible to is fear and this helps marketers to plan their campaigns.

Not only this, it takes more efforts (and better ideas) to market B2B customers because there are many people making the decision, rather than a single person. If you are targeting a business, you will require incorporating a lot of direct communication and customization. You may also need to educate such customers so they are sure of making an informed decision.

However, once B2B customers have gone through the conversion process, they usually stay loyal to the company and give big orders and establish long term relationships.

In contrast, B2C customers make online purchases because of emotional or personal reasons which make it a lot easier to convince them. However, just like B2B customers, they need to be informed and pitched to make a decision. After the conversion process is complete, you will know all you need about the kind of products they are interested in. B2C customers usually involve one person making the sales decision on their own, and if the sales route is clearly directed and they have enough motivation, B2C customers do not take too long before a purchase.

The online marketing campaign

For B2C ecommerce, your site needs to look attractive and appealing to beat the competition online. B2B customers these days need something that stands out and often choose the businesses that offer them something different. It isn’t only about how your site looks; it is also about how you share its content using social media sites, online marketing channels, and PPC.

In comparison, B2B sites do not have to be as attractive. They should look like professional websites, in which the products and services of your company are listed.

The lead conversion time

This one is fairly obvious. It is going to take longer to convert a business into your customer than the time it will take to convince a person to make a sales decision. Therefore, you will have to devise a marketing strategy according to the time it will take to convert your leads.

In order to keep your leads interested in your business, you need a well planned email marketing campaignsocial media campaign, as well as other online marketing methods that help you get responses from a large number of targeted audiences.

Whether you opt for B2B or B2C marketing depending on the nature of your business, to make any business successful, you need to market your products/services better than your competitors. It is for this reason that you should consider investing in a complete automated marketing solution such as the one offered by CallidusCloud. CallidusCloud offers its customers all they could possibly ask for when looking for a practical and reliable marketing automation software. Request a free trial of CallidusCloud Marketing Solution today.


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