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4 Reasons Why Your Email Campaign is Failing

Email campaigns are one of the oldest methods of online marketing, and if carried out properly, they are the most effective means of lead generation. However, some brands just cannot get desired results out of their email campaign. The problem is, most of them don’t even know about where they are going wrong! In order to improve your campaign, it is not only important to know what you need to do, but it is also equally necessary to know what NOT to do and learn from your mistakes.

Here are four main reasons why email campaigns fail:

1. You don’t personalize your email messages

If your emails are not directly addressed to *name of the customer* and start with a ‘Dear Customer’ or ‘Hi’ instead, then there are chances your recipient wouldn’t appreciate it that much. Everyone likes to be given importance and you need to realize that your email campaign isn’t about you; it is about your (potential) customer.

You will have to send out mass messages, but if you customize your email software to address the recipients with the name they submitted on the form, you are sure to get a better response for your campaign.

2. You do not sort out and organize your mail list

You should know that not all content should be shared with everyone. If you send all of your emails to all your subscribers, then you will not get as good results as when you send your email subscribers the email messages which have content of their interest. Therefore, it is necessary to sort out and organize your email lists and make multiple lists based on what you believe the subscribers will be interested in, instead of sending mass email messages. This is because if your subscribers find your content is pointless or boring, they will simply unsubscribe and you will lose your potential leads.

3. You are not offering anything of value

There is no point of an email campaign if its main purpose is to remind a lead about the products and services you already offer. If your main aim is to push the reader to make a sale, then you must bait them by offering something in return. It could be a voucher code, a discount if they use the link in the email, or a complementary product when they make a purchase.

Think of it from the reader’s point of view and ask yourself, “Why would anyone take interest in the message?”

4. Your email message isn’t laid out properly

The structure of your email message determines how interesting the content looks like. This is because most people shy away from reading long paragraphs which may or may not interest them. Ideally, it should start with addressing the reader (preferably with their name), writing down the main message (it should be short and to the point), followed by regards from your company and an automated message giving them the option to unsubscribe from your mail list.

In all marketing campaigns, looks are just as important as the material – and email campaigns are no exception.

To make your email campaigns easier, and make it effective enough to attract the modern day consumer, you need to invest in marketing automation tools which will help you get the best of your email campaigns. CallidusCloud offers a free trial of their cutting edge and sophisticated software to see the difference!



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