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4 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Initiatives

Email marketing is one of the oldest and the most popular online marketing techniques used by businesses to promote their products and services. Not only is it a useful technique that generates potential leads, it is also cost effective and does not take too much effort. However, it isn’t simply a piece of cake either – email marketing initiatives need to be strategically planned to transform your mail list into your customers.

It is also important to remember that email marketing is only a marketing tool – it is no replacement for a real, fully fledged marketing campaign. However, since it is a useful way to get in touch with your potential leads and customers, here are a few tips you can use to improve and refine your strategies so that your emails achieve their target and stay out of the trash folder.

1. Maintain an email list

If the call to action on your landing page is effective, you are going to get email addresses of people who choose to subscribe to your newsletters, purchase your products online, or sign up for anything else on your website. It is important to note that not many people are going to have the same preferences or opinions. Therefore, it is a better idea to make well planned mailing lists and send each list only the emails that are likely to interest them.

2. Spamming is no option

Nobody likes spamming. And while you may think sending out mass emails is easy and gets more responses, it isn’t always that way because of spam filters that are a part of almost all major email service providers. Therefore, even if the customer gives you permission to send them email, it is your responsibility to not send them so many emails that overload their mailbox. This way, any email you send them will be taken more seriously and will prove to be more responsive.

3. Construct your message and make it personal

-What does a well written email look like?

The way you create your email message contributes to its readability and hence the interest it generates in the reader. For instance, you need to create a relevant but interesting subject line so that your reader is enticed to open the message. The message in the email should be clear and readable, and you should use smaller paragraphs or bullets to make sure that all your points are clearly understood. There is no need for a long and lengthy email message – the simpler it is, the more effective it will be.

Usually, when you are collecting email addresses through forms, it is a norm to ask for your customers’ names too. This is useful if you want to send out personalized email messages – because nobody likes generic email and it pleases customers to see that the email is personally addressed to them.

You should also always include your company’s name, logo and website at the end of your email. It’s like your personal signature and can generate traffic on your website. In addition, you should also provide a link at the bottom that gives your readers an option to remove themselves from your mailing list.

4. Test your message

Just before you send out your email to the entire mailing list, try out different styles, fonts, colors and content in your email message and send them to about 100 random addresses to see which one generates more clicks. This can help you decide exactly how you need to do your email marketing to generate maximum interest.

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