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Lead Generation

Four Proven Techniques Of Lead Generation

Lead generation, or in other words, finding new prospects/customers, is the cornerstone of every organization’s marketing concerns. It involves ways to get people to give a consideration to what you have to offer and then working towards turning that consideration into a purchase decision. Using the correct medium of lead generation is essential to keep your organization’s efforts streamlined and in the right direction from start till the end. Losing direction here means the whole process of marketing of a certain product/service will end up going down the drain.

Here we’ve enlisted and explained four of the strongest techniques to lead generation.


Co- marketing works as a liaison between two organizations to reap mutual benefits out of the existing customer base of each. When you co-market or co-brand, the existing and steady customer base of the other benefits you in that there is already a certain amount of trust and credibility that comes as a part of the package. The stable customer base of the brand you build an association with becomes a group of people who instantly become your leads or prospective customers. This, in a nutshell, is a strategy of lead generation where both parties make good use of the already established integrity in the eyes of the consumer base of each.

Get referred by existing customers

This is one of the most trust-worthy ways of lead generation. Getting your existing and satisfied customers to refer your product or service in their circle has a surmounting effect. Since they do not hold any stakes in your organization, a referral from them does not remotely have a chance of being read as selling or nagging the prospective customers. It rather comes off as a satisfied review from a customer who is genuinely contented from your product, compelling others to look out for it.

Inform, don’t sell

This works closely with customer referrals but in another perspective. Providing useful and enlightening information about the product and more than that, what it does in an objective manner is sure to get people to consider your product seriously. This happens not because you are providing any information specifically about your product. In fact a general insight into what it does, no matter who is selling it, builds a certain credibility and trust into the mind of the reader turning him into a prospective customer. This strategy, in today’s information savvy era, is a reliable bet in vouching for a customer base.

Testimonial videos

Using testimonials i.e. short videos featuring your existing customers that basically review and explain how using a certain product of yours worked well for them and what qualitative value they think the product holds and why so. The more live an experience is for people, the more likely they are to respond to it, making it more probable that the watchers give a considerate thought to your product thus making them your prospects.

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