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What is Lead Intelligence and why is it important?

What is lead intelligence?

To define it in the simplest way possible, lead intelligence is gathering as much information about your leads as possible so that your sales team will know how to approach qualified leads in a way that increases the chances of making a sale. The idea is that the more you know about your prospective customers the more you will be able to take decisions that will help create more sales. Because, when you are trying to convince your leads, knowing more about them will give you a clue to use an approach that may interest them.

How does it work and why is it important?

You will need to use the information available on various sources such as social media, website analytics, and CRM to know more about your leads (assuming you already know their names and emails, of course). However, sales people often receive too much information, which isn’t a good thing. This is why you need to filter out only the useful information which could lead them to potential sales and ignore all other irrelevant details.

Mainly, you need to know how serious your leads are with your company. Record the actions they have taken which led you to the belief that they are potential leads like downloads, emails clicks etc., and then evaluate their interests as shown by actions such as the pages viewed, rated articles and comments.

This is used to help brands understand the problems the leads may have and the solutions they can provide them with their products and services. Lead intelligence is then used to determine the sales approach which would most likely lead to a sale.

Important types of lead intelligence

There are a few basic things you need to know about your leads before developing your marketing strategy or sales approach. And while the more you know the better, there are three necessary details you totally have to know about your leads:

  • Lead habits: By knowing the lead habits, you can time your campaign in a way that suits their timing and their preference.
  • The response of your email marketing campaign: By noting the results of your email marketing campaign, you need to check which topics are getting more clicks, or if certain subject lines get more clicks than others.
  • Your page views: In order to fill out a form on your landing page, you need to get them to your page first. There, your leads will fill out a form to subscribe to your feeds, your mail list or to contact your company. In addition, the pages viewed at the time will tell you how interested a lead is in your products.

Benefits of using lead intelligence

By using lead intelligence software such as the one offered by CallidusCloud, you get key insights about the people visiting your website such as their company name, job title, number of visits, number of visitors from the same company, and the direction of interest of those visits. With this intelligent information, it becomes easier to nurture qualified leads, identify opportunities, and target the right audience to convert them into customers.

Not just this, CallidusCloud’s complete marketing solution includes a daily reporting system which allows you to get information of the leads visiting your website. In short, CallidusCloud offers the marketing solution of the future and with the information you receive of your prospects, you are bound to get a clear advantage over your competitors. If you are still not sure if you need to make the investment, then the free trial offered by CallidusCloud is all you need to see the results it can generate for your business.



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