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Marketing Automation

5 Benefits of Using a Marketing Automation Tool

Marketing automation is a software platform which is used to market a brand’s products more effectively through various online channels and carry out repetitive tasks efficiently. It is a process that you can use to manage the way your brand interacts with potential customers and to ensure they know all that you want them to know about your brand.

Since it is a fairly new concept, there are many brands out there, especially the smaller ones, which do not use this form of marketing and prefer the traditional marketing strategies instead. However, it is important to keep up with the trending changes and invest in marketing automation tools.

The benefits of using marketing automation tools are:

1. Improves organization and productivity

Marketing automation helps brands in organizing their tasks and using their staff resources to their full potential. You only need one member of your staff to handle the marketing automation software, and this completely replaces those repetitive manual marketing tasks with automated processes. This will increase the overall productivity as your staff will now be able to give more time and focus on the work that requires extra (manual) efforts.

Not just this, it also allows you to make the most of your time as the software will be able to run your ongoing marketing campaigns and help your brand to get more potential customers.

2. Helps develop stronger relationship with consumers

Marketing automation focuses on entertaining, getting the attention of the customers, achieving higher customer satisfaction, and translating all of these into better retention rates. It also helps build lasting relationships with your customers through constant interaction by getting feedback from them and personalizing the information marketed to them according to their interest. Features like sales and marketing alignment, trigger campaigns, and lead qualification allow the marketing automation software to do this.

3. Tracks the fruits of your efforts

With the help of marketing automation tools, you get relevant details and statistics that allow you to analyze what your customers want and use this data to plan future marketing strategies. The information it will collect will be based on purchases, customer preferences, and responses. Not only will this allow you to monitor the success of your advertisement campaign, but it will also help you understand which strategies work and which don’t.

4. It’s worth the cost

The type of marketing automation features you require the software to have will determine its cost. However, with the increase in revenue you get out of successful marketing campaigns, you will see that the marketing automation software eventually pays for itself.

5. Helps maintain a consistent brand presence

It is necessary for businesses to remain in touch and have a consistent brand presence online to retain their customers and grow their customer base. Automated marketing allows you to use different channels and allows your customers to identify and remember you. Moreover, it allows you to interact with your customers and get their feedback which would have been almost impossible to do manually.

The main purpose of a marketing automation system is that brands get to experiment their marketing strategy on various channels and stay active on them. With this software, brands can plan large scale marketing campaigns and spread their message in a well timed and controlled manner. Start your free trial of CallidusCloud’s Marketing Automation today.



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