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4 Ways To Grow Your Sales Leads

It takes a long time to generate leads and even longer to nurture them into sales. Producing sales leads is something all marketers ultimately aim for. And although growing sales leads takes a lot of time, there are certain techniques you can use to do so in a faster and efficient way.

Use Twitter

Social media can be your number one tool in generating leads and Twitter is the perfect place to start. Your first step should be to use Twitter to reach out to people with massive influence in your industry and try to strike up a conversation with them. The followers of these influencers will definitely belong to your potential customer group. They will see your interactions and will follow you or visit your website.

Another great way is to follow trending subjects related to your business and voice your thoughts via a hash tag, tweet, gif or a picture. For instance, if you’re in the logo designing business, you can use #LogoDesign.

Invest in videos or media advertisements

Journalists have a very tough and demanding job. This is the reason why they absolutely loathe being constantly pestered by PR agencies telling them how great your business is and why they should feature it in the next edition of the magazine/newspaper.

What journalists don’t mind, however, is being contacted in a professional manner by the owner of the company in question and being patiently told a story about the prospects or discussing advertising. This greatly increases your chances of being featured in an article. However, a word to the wise, don’t bombard journalists with emails; one is quite enough.

Make good use of Infographics

Infographics used to be the life and soul of generating leads. However, of late, they have been overused. That being said, an infographic made right is a great way to generate leads and promote your business.

All that needs to be done is you coming up with an original yet creative idea, hiring a skilled but affordable graphic designer, and paying him/her to design it. Make sure you instruct the designer to add your logo and website URL at the bottom of the infographic; this way people can visit your website.

Be Active on your blog

Having a blog can be an effective tool in lead generation. Blogs not only offer a company complete control over what is said and how it is said, but also give the company an opportunity to have the complete and undivided attention of the readers.

Your blog should be optimized to have a signing up section for a newsletter. This will help you generate an enormous amount of leads as people will sign up to stay in touch with the latest updates. Moreover, try not to make your blog all about you or your company; try to add as much content as you can about the news or developments that relate to your business, so as to keep your readers informed.

Lastly, marketing automation tools can make your marketing campaign more successful and help generate more sales leads. CallidusCloud offers a free trail so you can see the difference for yourself!



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