CRM Integrations

Your business, connected your way

LeadRocket integration with Salesforce coordinates the leads generated, real-time information of the prospects identified, and overall account management between the two systems.

Your business, connected your way

Key features of the CRM integration include:

  • Seamless bidirectional integration to ensure that the information captured by LeadRocket can be updated to your CRM system
  • A basic integration for those who do not have application programming interface (API) access and an advanced integration for those who do have API access
  • A highly configurable option to synchronize objects into your CRM system based on the profile or behavioral attributes of prospects captured by LeadRocket
  • The ability to synchronize your CRM system with either anonymous prospect behavior (web analytics data) or touch points such as email
  • One-click access to the LeadRocket solution from within Salesforce, reducing the need to log in to separate environments

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