Lead Intelligence

Gain Unprecedented Insights with Lead Intelligence

Gain unprecedented insights with lead intelligence

LeadRocket represents the next generation in marketing automation solutions—it captures unique website visitor insights, such as prospect interests and intent, to give your marketing and sales teams a much-needed advantage.


Forget cold calling

LeadRocket provides key insights about a website visitor, such as direction of interest, intent, company name, job title, number of visits, number of visitors from the same company, and a prospect’s hierarchy in the organization. With this superior lead intelligence, marketing and sales can identify the most qualified leads and opportunities, target the right pitch, and rapidly convert prospects into customers.

Receive Daily Pipeline Intelligence

Receive daily pipeline intelligence

With LeadRocket’s daily reporting system, you can get a comprehensive daily view of all your website leads. You will receive real time, enterprise-level insight—the who, what, when, and how—about your website visitors.

Other lead intelligence features include:

  • Call lists: Comprehensive information about a prospect’s company and potential decision makers

  • Pipeline alerts: Email alerts that notify you whenever a lead crosses a lead score threshold


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