Lead Nurturing

Nurture Leads in a Personalized Way to Reach Sales Readiness

Nurture leads in a personalized way to reach sales readiness

LeadRocket provides the means and tools necessary to nurture leads in a personalized way and sustain their interest until they reach sales readiness. Marketers can build long-term relationships with prospects by using the solution’s robust lead nurturing capabilities:

  • Filter out the mismatches and target specific customers through marketing-initiated drip campaigns that ensure a lead stays engaged

  • Deliver appropriate marketing collateral like white papers, research papers, and case studies to keep a lead engaged with the brand until he or she is ready to buy

  • Nurture the best customers, offering them more specialized products and services

Improve Conversion Rates with an Automated Lead Nurturing Program

Improve conversion rates with an automated lead nurturing program

With the patented data mining and business intelligence technology in the LeadRocket solution, marketers can:

  • Understand leads better, including their intent and where they are in the purchase cycle

  • Classify leads according to sales readiness

  • Pass hot leads to sales

  • Run personalized lead nurturing campaigns

  • Leverage social media to gain deeper insight into customers and get feedback on how to improve their experience

Drip by Drip, Nurture Your Leads

Drip by drip, nurture your leads

You can use the LeadRocket workflow to run small, frequent, and low-risk engagements over a long period of time—and help transform cold leads into hot leads.

  • Simple, time-based trigger: With LeadRocket, it is easy to set up time-based, periodic triggers for your email nurture campaigns

  • Action-based triggers: LeadRocket allows you to customize responses for each prospect based on its response to emails (such as never opening, clicking through, or not clicking after opening)

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