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Build Synergy with Sales: Free Lead Scoring Toolkit

Lead scoring: it seems like such a basic concept, and yet, its complex nuances create challenges that overwhelm marketing and sales teams globally. This toolkit will help your team get started with best-practice lead scoring; not just getting-by lead scoring.

This free toolkit includes:

Reports & Quick Reference Guides

  • Why Your Sales Team is Vital for Successful Lead Scoring – And Vice Versa
    Contains a variable-rich hypothetical outline to help you map out your lead scoring system; what often-forgotten attributes you should include in your scoring schemes (hint: it’s more than just web-based actions); and more!
  • The Lead Quantity Myth
    This quick-reference guide provides a great overview of how marketing teams should approach working around and resolving sales teams’ quantity bias for leads.
  • B2B Marketers Refine Lead Scoring Models to Boost Sales Effectiveness
    Learn how marketing organizations that employ lead scoring effectively pass fewer leads to sales, and why this is actually a good thing. (Special report from DemandGenReport, sponsored by CallidusCloud)

Articles & Infographics

  • Predictive Lead Scoring Study Infographic from SiriusDecisions
  • A collection of articles on topics such as giving sales teams a treasure map with lead scoring, not a goose chase; leads’ labor lost in the gruesome impact of misalignment; building a case for a lead qualification team; and evolving your lead management approach.

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