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When it comes to social media, the best strategy B2B marketers need to adopt is to go back to the basics.

With new social media channels rolling in each day, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the continuous pressure to be active and engaging on each of them.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn continue to rule the roost when it comes to top social platforms B2B brands use for social media marketing. The newest kid on the social media block, Pinterest, has quickly gained traction with B2C while B2B marketers continue to experiment with it. The time is not far off, when Pinterest will also figure prominently in every B2B company’s social marketing strategy.

Get your free B2B Social Media Marketing guide today for basic best practices in using social media for B2B marketing!

Remember that the ultimate aim of your social media plan is to create a community of prospects, partners, and customers, who believe in your company and can evangelize for your cause!


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