Complimentary Gleanster Deep Dive: Pre-Purchase Checklist for Marketing Automation

Gleanster Deep Dive: Marketing Automation Pre Purchase Checklist

Adoption of marketing automation technology continues to heat up.

Unfortunately, many organizations still struggle with marketing automation – not because the tools don’t work or they lack functionality, but because of a skills gap in B2B marketing best practices and a lack of content to fuel the beast, leading many organizations to take the plunge blindfolded, backward, and head first. At least be prepared.

According to Gleanster’s research findings in 2013:

  • Top Performing organizations continue to be 5 to 6 times more likely than Everyone Else to utilize marketing automation, suggesting that the technology is at least partially responsible for superior success.
  • But Top Performers account for only a fraction of the companies using the tools.
  • 75% of organizations that have been using marketing automation for less than a year use the tool for batch-and-blast campaigns.
  • Conversely, Top Performers are 8x more likely than Everyone Else to embrace lead scoring capabilities within the first year.

So what do you really need to know about marketing automation before you buy?

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