Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and Analysis - Demonstrate Value and Accountability to Management

Demonstrate value and accountability to management

With LeadRocket, you can slice and dice your data to suit your organization’s specific needs, and you can get comprehensive reports on everything related to marketing.

  • Campaign reports: Track the leads you acquire from each campaign and sub-campaign. Know which companies those leads are from

  • Email reports: Track how many of your emails are opened, are forwarded, and result in single- or multi-page visits. Monitor the open and click-through rate

  • Workflow reports: Keep track of each of your drip campaigns, your nurtured leads, and their responses at each leg of the workflow

  • Web traffic reports: Know your visitor statistics in detail. Analyze your traffic and leads, their sources, the growth trend, and the conversion ratios

Reach Out to Customers with Relevant Content and Services

Reach out to customers with relevant content and services

LeadRocket uses historical customer transactional data and predictive models in combination with behavioral analysis of current visitors to better qualify leads. This highly sophisticated method helps identify which specific channel and which specific offer a prospect is likely to respond to.

You will know:

  • Who visited your website today
  • What product or solution they were interested in

  • Their intent
  • The time of their visit

  • Who you should contact

You can also set up a daily leads report and get complete intelligence on your leads delivered to your inbox each day.


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