Sales Enablement

Leverage marketing and sales alignment

Leverage marketing and sales alignment

LeadRocket offers a truly integrated marketing automation solution that enables high-impact collaboration between marketing and sales.

  • Derive lead background information: Empowers the sales team with superior lead intelligence
  • Efficiently prioritize leads: Tracks visitor behavior and measures prospect intent and interest levels
  • Implement a lead scoring model: Offers a sophisticated lead scoring algorithm, which allows sales and marketing teams to collaborate and define what a sales-ready prospect is
  • Deduce lead quality: Provides integration and analytics features to help sales and marketing jointly identify the business opportunities to pursue
  • Accelerate the sales cycle: Assists sales to reach out to hot prospects immediately while putting warm prospects on nurture programs, effectively shortening the sales cycle and increasing conversions

Reinvigorate your sales force

With LeadRocket, you get complete company-level information — from website address to physical location, annual revenues to employee strength, and even the latest news. The platform represents the next generation in marketing automation solutions, capturing unique website visitor insights such as prospect interests and intent to give your marketing and sales team a much-needed advantage. Marketing and sales can identify opportunities with greater clarity and more effectively drive sales opportunities to revenue. The solution:


Relieves your inside sales teams from time-consuming prospecting tasks and gives your sales team the opportunity to make a personalized connection with qualified prospects in real time

Offers direct integration with your sales pipeline software and process, resulting in improved conversion rates, sales performance, and efficiency

Drives effective collaboration methodologies by enabling knowledge sharing across the organization to bridge the gap between sales and marketing

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