Social Selling

Simple social engagement

Simple social engagement

Your clients and prospects maintain a constant presence on social media—and you should, too. With LeadRocket, your sales and marketing team can:

  • Save time by sharing content instantly across all social networks or by scheduling those social posts, all from one place
  • Gain visibility into which prospects are interacting with your social content and at what point in the sales cycle
  • Post to multiple channels simultaneously, cross-sell your content, and track the success of your social efforts
  • Get hashtag recommendations for quick discovery and search

Reflect on your success

Reflect on the effectiveness of your channels by using influential metrics gathered through the patented LeadRocket URL shortening/tracking system. See anonymous click statistics as well as clicks from known prospects that click your publicly posted links. Keep track of your progress by exporting or printing click metrics and hone your social media skills.


LeadRocket delivers much more insight for your email marketing programs by deep-tracking—without any website instrumentation or IT intervention—the entire visit. Website visit replays help sales reps and marketers see exactly what a prospect is interested in. By combining email marketing automation with website analytics, the solution in effect turns email into an instant response system for prospect qualification.

One post to rule them all

LeadRocket gives you social media management tools actually geared toward business. Write your message once and selectively choose which networks to post it to. Not ready to post yet? Simply schedule your post for a future date and time that suits your needs.

One post to rule them all

Beyond sending

LeadRocket also provides full email marketing support for individual communications sent by sales reps, both through easy-to-use email templates and via plugins for Microsoft Outlook and Google Chrome. Only the LeadRocket solution lets anyone on the team send fully trackable emails without requiring any website tagging or server changes.

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