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Why Your Sales Team is Vital for Lead Scoring Success - and Vice Versa

The use of a system to prioritize leads and evaluate their readiness to buy isn’t a new thing – sales reps have been using their heads and guts to evaluate leads for hundreds of years.

But there’s only so much you can store in your head, and so in recent years the use of technology to automate, accelerate and optimize the management of leads has revolutionized the process of passing the right leads to sales at the right time.

Plus, even though lead scoring’s effectiveness is well documented, only 21 percent of all B2B marketers have established a lead scoring system, according to Marketing Sherpa’s 2013 B2B Benchmarking Report.

How do you avoid remaining part of that unfortunate 79 percent?

By showing determination in getting a process in place, and consciously working to incrementally break down barriers between sales and marketing.

This report includes:

  • A variable-rich, hypothetical outline to help you map out your lead scoring system
  • Direction about how to build a system that sustains and improves your lead scoring over time
  • Insights that help you to better understand what lead scoring should look like in your organization


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