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Lead to Money

Our Lead to Money suite gives sales, marketing, finance, HR, and legal teams the tools to be more valuable. With CallidusCloud, organizations automate processes and inform strategy to make every stage of the sales cycle better.

  • CLM streamlines the creation, negotiating, and storing of contracts to close deals faster.


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  • CPQ is the industry-leading, cloud-based solution for configuring, pricing, and quoting complex products and services.


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  • Supercharge your feedback program with surveys, call scripts, and web forms across the entire customer journey.


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  • Commissions is the industry-leading, cloud-based solution for managing incentives and compensation programs.


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  • A collaborative forecasting and pipeline management solution, built for CRM.


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  • Sales enablement gives your sales reps the right content, training, and coaching to win every time.


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  • The CallidusCloud Insurance solution offers you the most comprehensive, secure, and flexible way to manage the entire producer lifecycle from onboarding to payout.


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  • LeadRocket helps you align sales and marketing, automate key marketing processes, and accelerate sales.


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  • A Learning Platform for Every Team, Division and Company.


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  • Producer Pro has everything a carrier needs to automate and simplify producer management.

    Producer Pro

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  • RevSym is a complete cloud solution for ASC 606 compliance that enables accurate, timely, and automated rule-based revenue recognition management—all while increasing your finance organization’s productivity and improving cost controls.


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  • SPM offers the quickest way to increase quota attainment and sales productivity.


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  • CallidusCloud SalesMotivate uses gamification—the psychology of competition, recognition, and mastery—to motivate behaviors proven to close more deals, faster.


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  • Combine online pre-screening, assessment testing, social benchmarking, and social hiring for sales hiring managers.


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  • CallidusCloud ServiceMotivate uses positive psychology and gamification to drive contact center excellence.


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  • Designed exclusively for telecom providers, CallidusCloud Telco Dealer Pro is an end-to-end dealer management solution that provides a single source of truth about your dealers, giving you unparalleled visibility.

    Telco Dealer Pro

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  • Automate the territory and quota-setting process.

    Territory and Quota

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  • Easily transform a table of complex data into a stunning visualization to identify trends, patterns, and anomalies.

    Thunderbridge Analytics

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  • Workflow includes everything you need to organize, automate, execute, and analyze business processes to connect people, data, and daily activities.


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