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How do salespeople and marketers feel about the tools they use, their peers within their own organizations, and the direction of sales and marketing in an increasingly data-driven era?

If you’re in marketing, you have certainly heard it. If you’re in sales, you may have said it yourself!

“We need more leads!”

But is this what sales really means? This study suggests it’s not. We polled over 200 sales and marketing professionals about a range of topics, including a question asking, “what is the biggest hindrance to your organization’s ability to sell?” Almost 40 percent cited issues with leads – but there was a split between sales and marketing.

Quantity and quality were the issue:

  • Both sides favored quantity over quality
  • Marketing leaned far more heavily toward quantity (24% to 13%) than sales (21% percent to 20% percent).

This points out the dangers of the demand for more leads – it may not be what sales really means. Sales may clamor for more leads, but increasingly what they really want are more quality leads. That conflicting message makes it plain how misalignment between the two sides can take place.

This report includes data-driven insights into sales’ and marketings’ opinions about technology and process – and areas where sales and marketing hold different opinions.

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