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Sales & Marketing Alignment Isn’t Enough.

We all agree that sales and marketing alignment is critical. Companies that have the two teams working together reap the rewards. But the “lead-to-money” process isn’t fully optimized without integrating Finance’s involvement.

This webcast outlines how an optimized lead to money process combines the coordinated involvement of the Sales, Sales Operations, Marketing, and Finance departments in high-performing organizations. By aligning goals, effort, and support resources, firms can realize accelerated pipeline throughput, improved sales effectiveness, and see an increase in productivity.

In this webcast CallidusCloud, The SMA and Deloitte cover the key pieces of the lead to money process including:

  • Implementing improved lead generation strategies that increase lead quality.
  • Quantifying opportunity and deploying sales resources against true territory potential, using enhanced analytics techniques.
  • Training, enabling, and coaching sales teams throughout the sales cycle.
  • Motivating salespeople to drive deals to closure through proper incentives.


  • Bob Kelly, Chairman, The Sales Management Association
  • Merritt Alberti, Director Sales Force Effectiveness, Deloitte
  • Giles House, CMO, CallidusCloud

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