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CSO Insights recently launched its 5th annual Sales Management Optimization (SMO) research survey that CallidusCloud is pleased to support. Over 1,200 companies worldwide took part in this study revealing the challenges that are impacting sales management performance and showing how companies are addressing these issues.

Get the complimentary study today to understand the strategies and tactics Best-in-Class companies are using to enable sales management to perform at its best.

A few notable findings you’ll see include:

  • 28.7% of a manager’s time is spent selling with reps, while 20.6% is spent coaching them
  • Best results are achieved when managers focus more on coaching reps than on selling with them
  • The top two barriers to pipeline and forecast effectiveness are that reps are too optimistic and there’s not enough predictive data
  • The number one sales effectiveness priority for 2014 is to improve lead generation effectiveness

Read the study today to find out how you can ensure sales management has what they need to successfully deal with challenges that obstruct revenue goals for 2014.

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