How did StorageTek transform sales to go from $700M in revenues to $2.2B in four years without adding any new sales positions? Learn the formula for Sales Transformation.

The CSO’s Guide to Transforming Sales combines the study of StorageTek’s success with research into successful transformations of many other sales teams, such as ADP, Experian, Iron Mountain, GE, Fairchild Semiconductor, Aon, and Flextronics. The report delivers a complete roadmap with videos, tools, techniques and potential pitfalls.

CSO Insights distilled these insights down to a practical formula for successful sales transformation.

CSO Insights Guide to Transforming Sales

Download this report to learn:

  • 9 pitfalls that derail sales transformation initiatives
  • How to build a Sales Transformation Pyramid
  • How to build the right team
  • Beyond CRM – how to define the right technology architecture
  • The formula for successful change
  • How to measure the ROI of sales transformation
  • What “Sales Transformation in Action” case studies look like

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