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Revenue Automation

4 Benefits of Revenue Automation

Automation refers to the use of the power of computers and modern information technology tools to perform functions that may take a lot of time when performed manually. Revenue recognition and recording is a process which can be cumbersome and engage your most important employees for a long time. This means that you must employ revenue automation in your business and enjoy these amazing four advantages:

1. Meeting Customer Expectations

Revenue automation improves the effectiveness of your practices. With the automatic recording of the revenue, you can better understand your payment schedules and create efficient cash flow schemes. This will allow you to not ask customers for bills without prior notice and always allow your payment periods to match the ideal customer expectations.

When you perform revenue automation, you can create customized billing schemes where you always give preference to the needs of your customers and ensure that you only ask for revenues for products and services that you have already rendered. This will help foster improved relationships with your customers and end up producing the ideal business benefits in terms of better financial recording practices.

2. Managing Cash Flow

Businesses must maintain a healthy cash flow to allow them to perform their usual activities. Revenue automation is an excellent method of ensuring that you can better understand your incoming cash considerations. This will help you to create better outgoing payments to always ensure that you have the required cash flow present to spend on running the business in a forward manner.

The ability to accurately forecast your cash flow is important, since it allows you to create better cash rules for your business. When you have improved rules, you create better financial practices in your business. This helps you improve your loan practices and learn more about how to produce better results in your spreadsheet records.

3. Accurate Recognition

With revenue automation, you eliminate all chances of committing a mistake when creating your financial records for revenue recognition. As a result, you always end up with financial statements that are accurate, allowing you to ensure that you never face any compliance or taxation issues by the end of the year. Accurate recognition is also great for ensuring that you never ask for a wrong payment from any of your clients due to an accounting error.

When your finance department can perform revenue automation, you can surely enjoy better answers to customer queries. All contracts are visible and it is possible to quickly calculate the pricing of the remaining goods and services with the ideal revenue recognition. The problems are truly special when it comes to implementing new standards, like the ASC 606, where revenue automation is certainly the answer to all your recognition problems.

4. Projecting Future

Projecting the financial future of your company is easier when you implement revenue automation through software tools that provide an avenue to generate ASC 606 compliant records. It makes the work of your CFO easier, allowing them to project the future finances and giving you better control over the strategic decisions that you must make to stay ahead.

Free Report – Making the Move to ASC 606: What to Know

CallidusCloud is an excellent financial technology provider. We present ideal revenue automation solutions that you can employ to improve your revenue recognition practices and attain the benefits that we have described.


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