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Revenue Recognition Software

4 Reasons Why You Should Get Revenue Recognition Software

Revenue recognition is extremely important for any business contracting with customers directly for goods and/or services. Although it is still possible to perform manual recording of the received and the required revenues, the use of revenue recognition software can make things easier as well as improve your business performance. Here are the four reasons why you should get revenue recognition software for your accounting needs:

1. Compliance with FASB

The first reason is to ensure that your revenue recognition practices comply with the latest FASB (Federal Accounting Standards Board) standards, like the ASC 606. The FASB often have detailed standardization techniques that can be complex even for an experienced accountant. Using a powerful revenue recognition software tool helps your business remain compliant, while ensuring that all recognition tasks can be adequately completed in time.

2. Live Information

The use of software allows your business to remain current and always understand the revenue situation with respect to individual customers. It allows you to generate invoices on time and always ensure that you can have the pulse of the exact pricing that you must follow. This minimizes the chances of losing a customer due to the presentation of wrong financial information.

The access to the right information is possible when revenue recognition software is implemented in the finance department of your company. It allows your accounting to be on point, while still providing the exact information about your cash flow. This access to information means that your financial executives can make better decisions. Therefore, ensuring that your business efficiency remains at an optimum level.

3. Better Business Control

There are several businesses the services or goods are rendered in a discrete manner. It is important to use revenue recognition software in such instances, as it gives better organizational control over understanding how much payment should be charged to the customer for the completed work. With the application of standard like ASC 606, it is important to record the exchange of services in lieu of the pricing asked of the customer in a contract.

This is best achieved with the use of automated software tools. With most of the required recording functions occurring automatically, your staff members are free to control the more important business functions. This improves the overall business structure and provides better control over the direction of your organization, especially in terms of sharing prices and the incurred revenue with the customers.

4. Staying Competitive

The use of revenue recognition software is the future in the financial recording industry. Not keeping up with this practice is not the right way to go about staying competitive in your industry. With most businesses employing digital solutions, your company can simply lose its edge when it comes to giving the customers the best experience.

Free Report – Making the Move to ASC 606: What to Know

If you want to partner with a company that can offer the ideal revenue recognition software to stay compliant with the FASB guidelines, contact CallidusCloud to learn more about your ideal options. We help businesses employ digital accounting solutions to perform better and remain focused on their core business.


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